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Feeding your fish on newly hatch Brine shrimp is good, this is even better.
Goodeidae are a type of livebearer click here to find out more

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Message posted Nov 1st 2002
My Alan (Webmaster)

I've now also set up an online auction, to be used by

You are free and welcome to use the auction, but please try to keep to U.K. only unless your willing to post to different Counteries.

Click here

Message posted Mar 9th 2002
My Alan (Webmaster)

LivingFish now has a Forum :O)

Have a look and even regester, giving you a chance to get some answers and even answer some questions for your self.

Click here to go to the Forum

Message posted Feb 3rd 2002
My Alan (Webmaster)

There area few problems at the time being due to the fact that the site has changed hoasting (this allows me to do more technical stuff).

Please dont worry as I'm working very hard in the mean time to fix any problems!!!!

Mesage posted
Jan 22 2002
By Alan (Webmaster)

Well I've taken on the job of creating a website for viviparous which is a livebearing fish society in the UK, but it's open to all have a look here

Message posted Dec 28 2001
By Alan (Webmaster)

I would just like to thank any one who comes to this site, there are many things that I would like to add but things take there time and I'm learning web programming very slowly.

You never know one day this site may even get finished!!!!!!